February 15, 2009

Show and Tell Sunday/Zoe's Birthday

Today, my sweet Zoe Gail turned 2. I always hear other mothers say how it feels like "only yesterday" they were itty bitty babies or still kicking aroud inside them. Not the case with Zoe. It feels like she has always been with us. I can barely recall life without her. My Zoe has a very strong personality. I already knew who she was going to be while she was still inside of me. I felt her first kicks when I was about 13 weeks along. But within that month, her kicks became so strong and forceful I felt that I must have been farther along than we thought. So much that my midwife decided to do the home visit (my girls were both born at home) a few weeks early, just in case. As it turned out, I actually went 15 days over my due date. But, we knew from then that a little hurricane was entering our lives. She was born hard and fast the day after Valentine's Day. She could not even wait for her bag of waters to rupture and was born in the caul. And she has definately not failed to live up to her reputation. She never stops, never gives up, and is just about the sweetest little devil I have ever known.

And she wanted to show off her new big girls panties. We started training her just a few days ago.

I have more pics to share but I will get to them tomorrow. For now, though, I did want to share a couple of thrifty finds I picked up a couple of days ago.


myminimocs said...

happy belated birthday Zoe - i hope it was everything you could have hoped for!

Ripper Arts said...

Happy 2 years Zoe! My son Quinn turned 1 year today. I blogged about it too!

Lerin said...

ooh, did we give u that winnie the pooh gown? if so- it wasn't that long ago that kaylor wore it.... don't let her see it, she'll have a cow that we gave it away

Molly said...

My second one came fast and furious too - in my case, 6 weeks early - I guess that is equal to Zoe in the "mind of her own" factor! They say we all need/get a wild child... Spitfires! They love life with a passion, right? They truly love with EVERY OUNCE and equally dislike when the time comes... :) I have to admire it in my Sophie. Happy Birthday! I love the pink dresses - amazing!