February 21, 2009

I Almost Forgot

My little flawed frames. I don't know where my head is today. Hubby let me sleep in til almost noon, as Zoe is still letting me get very little sleep. And now I am having a lazy day, mostly knitting and snuggling. Wait, I have no pic for the day. Hold on....


A sweet cotton hat in the same stitch as these. I really don't know why it has not occured to me til now to use it in a hat. And I'm beginning to think warm weather thoughts (though, I'm trying real hard not to)so I thought it must be a nice soft cotton.
Anywho, my little flawed frames have found two new homes; Angie and ismoyo! Thank you everyone for all the frame love. I have all but one up in the shop, now.
Have a happy weekend, all!


myminimocs said...

congrat to Angie & ismoyo!!! looking forward to seeing the finished hat!

stripeymonkey :) said...

gorgeous colour and it looks so soft :)


lovely blog and shop! Hearted ya :)


Lerin said...

Oooh... is the hat for me?

Angie said...

I received my cute little red teapot frame made of cloth! It is so cute!
I will put a favorite photo inside!
Thank you so much!