November 1, 2008

Candy Time!

Honestly, is there anything harder to photograph than your children at Halloween? This one is as good as it gets.
They had so much fun, though. Zoe love sticking her hands in the gooey pumpkin, "helping" daddy. Kaiya, on the other hand, didn't want to get her hands dirty.
These girls are like night and day. Zoe is so rough and physical. And Kaiya is sensitive and doesn't like rough play. I think they kind of help balance each other out a little, though. Zoe has definately helped Kaiya loosen up and Kaiya teaches Zoe how to play pretend and be gentle with their baby dolls. So strange that when you're expecting another child it is so hard to imagine anything but but a replica of the previous child. But Zoe couldn't be more different than Kaiya.
I've been missing my girls. Still a stay-at-home mom but I've been so busy with craft shows in the past few months I've had little time to spend one on one with them. And my house! It has definately been looking worse for the wear. So I'm taking time off from shows til December. I have a show and I'm hoping to pull a home party together. Meanwhile, I'm taking taking some time with the girls and making plans for the holidays. They seem to be enjoying the slower pace around the house. And mommy is enjoying the down-time. And you will benefit as well, as I am also taking the time to pull together a giveaway.
So stayed tuned.....