October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I don't have a halloweeny photo yet. Hopefully you'll see them tomorow. Until then, I'll make do with a pic of one of my slouchy hats with a pumpkin rose.
When hubby gets home in an hour or so we'll (finally) carve up our pumpkin. It's gotten cold so quickly I haven't wanted to go out and expose my pumpkin slime covered hands to the cold. Thankfully it's relatively warm today. And later on we'll take the girls trick-or-treating at the nursing home my mom works at. Kaiya has been begging for a month or more to be Elmo. And Zoe will be a pumpkin.
Speaking of pumpkins, Alicia, over at Posie Gets Cozy shared her husbands yummy looking recipe for Pumpkin Pasta. I can't wait to try it, though I'll have to get creative with substitutions for some of the dairy products.
Happy Halloween, everyone!

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