November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

It really is a good thing that we've decided to have a Friday Thanksgiving in my house because I have been procrastinating like mad. My mother has always hosted Thanksgiving for her side of the family (not really because she wanted to but noone else would step up) and she has oh, so graciously passed it onto me, on the sly. As noone was talking about any plans or working out the menu and shopping I finally asked her last week "So you're just kinda sticking it with me this year, huh?". And she said yes, she is done with it. It's my turn now. Oh, joy. Because I have all the time in the world to make a huge meal for a bunch of moochers. Not that I blame her from wanting to get out from under it. She has served her time. Now, I'm working my poor fingers to the bone on orders and beefing up my inventory for a show I'm doing next Saturday, and. honestly, I haven't even taken the time to write out the menu, make a grocery list. And you should see my house.... But, Mom and hubby are working on Thanksgiving so we've moved it down a day.

But I did finally decide on a pic for my invites and I really like how they turned out. Now, off to dust or something.

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Rachel Kovaciny said...

The card turned out really well!

Good luck getting stuff ready :-D