November 17, 2008

Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas?

Are you thinking of Christmas yet? I have to admit, I've been thinking about it since about July. Not that I am in any way prepared. I've been so busy knitting for shows and custom orders all I have had time to do is think about it.

I have not made one (complete) gift yet. And I try to make all or most of the gifts I give. Am I worried? Not in the least! I have quite a few handmade, though not by me, items that I have traded some other talented Etsy sellers for. So a few people on my list are already taken care of. And the rest..... well, I still have time.

I have started working on these little hearts for my own tree and ths shop. But, what you're looking at is what I've got, so I'd better get busy! But, even though I've been thinking about Christmas for so long, I have to say that I am really turned off by how each year, it seems, that the stores are bringing out the merchandise and even the Christmas store decorations! earlier and earlier. The day after Halloween, Halloween!, I went into...Wal-mart....ahem, and what before my wondering eyes did appear but a Christmas Tree!, right beside of the door. Not for sale. No, this is for decoration. Note my wild use of italics today. It's just disgraceful. Though I obviously don't agree with them, I do understand those who are cynical about Christmas. But, just like life itself, it is what you make of it. If you buy into the commercialism (or are totally repelled because of it) then that's what you'll get. A holiday for buying and shopping and working so many overtime hours you don't even see your family till Christmas day. Or you can toss all that aside and remember why we celebrate. Whether it be for religious reasons or simply a celebration of love and family.


Rachel Kovaciny said...

I hear that 102.9 is playing Christmas music fulltime already. YARK! I'm a total Christmas junkie, but even I only will listen to the occasional Christmas song until after Thanksgiving. Otherwise I get tired of Christmas before it ever arrives!

Anyway, cute hearts!

knitsational said...

Exactly! This oversaturation makes you absolutely sick of it!

Stacey said...

I love all of your work with knitted hearts, your avatar is especially cute, too!!

Mayhem said...

I do like to keep my Christmas stuff relegated to After Thanksgiving, but it creeps in super early! I really love Christmas though, so I forgive.
By the way, the hearts are super cute!

Alisa said...

The hearts are darling (so is the card in the last post!)
Our Hobby Lobby puts their Christmas stuff out in JULY!!! Crazy!

Love the fact that you make all of your gifts every year. I made most of mine last year and loved it. Definitely making even more gifts this year! (Hopefully I won't run out of time)

jen said...

i'm supposedly making about half a dozen baby hats, a scarf plus a few more things - and i haven't even started yet! i've also been thinking about christmas forever but at the same time a little bothered by how early the stores start with all the decorations.

(love these red hearts btw!)