January 25, 2009

Show and Tell Sunday

I found this video on Light and Writing's blog. If this doesn't make you smile from ear to ear I don't what will. Below is some of the reactions.

I have also been tagged by the same blogger. I just did this recently but I'll share more.

So, I am to share 8 random things about myself and then tag 8 others.

1.I am terrified of driving in the mountains. I have the feeling that if I look up at them I am going to drive right over the edge, more like being sucked in. It is irrational and perhaps a bit looney but it scares the bejeezus out of me. My hands sweat, my heart pounds....... (frightened just thinking about it).

2.I am a huge fan of Will Smith. I would watch anything he is in. He's just such a nice guy!

3.I grew up to become my mother. I know, every young woman's worst nightmare, right? But I happy and proud to be like my mom.

4.I'm only 28 but have been asked twice if I am my 18 yr old sister's mother. (shudders)

5.I talk in funny voices and accents more than I care to admit. I am usually not even aware that I am doing it. Actually, my sister bet me that I couldn't go one day without doing it.....I lost.

6.I don't like to watch movies very often. I feel like they are too much of a commitment. I prefer to watch sitcoms. They are lighthearted and don't require my attention.

7.I love all three versions of 'Little Women'. My sister and I know large portions of them by heart and we love to talk about which actor/actress we like best for each part, from each version.

8.Had enough yet? Here's the last one. My favorite author is Alice Hoffman. I can not get enough of her books. She introduces magical elements into everyday life and really makes you believe it. Her work is beautiful and poetic, full of magic and mystery. If you've never read her before, please do so as soon as possible.

And now to tag:

1. My mom, Vivian Learning Fiend She is a brand new blogger. She is going to school to become a nurse and had to start a blog for her computer class.

2. Tammy Art and Inspirations

3. Sarah Like It or Lump It

4. Patti Shine Your Hiney Soap Co.

5. Beki Artsy-Crafty Babe

6.Emily Inside a Black Apple

7. Stacey Stacey Winters

8.Beth At the End of this Row


Tammy said...

Thanks sweetie, for tagging me and also for sharing that wonderful video. How fun it would be to encounter something like that in your everyday life. Loved the lady who said she came in a bad mood but now was in a good one. It's the littlest of things that can make such a large impact.
I will post about it this evening. I am at lunch and have to get back to work now. Have a lovely afternoon.

Pam Hawk said...

Oh I love that video!! That was fantastic!

Tammy said...

Alice Hoffman is new to me so I will have to check her out. You make her books sound intriquing.
I liked all 3 of the Little Women movies, as well. Your sisters mother? Yikes! Wear your hair in a pony tail and wear jeans and a cool tee when you go out with your sister. :D

sarasophia said...

I am 27 and have an 18 year old sister....I often FEEL like her mother and it IS very "shudder":P

Here's to being the oldest.....

but not in spirit!

burrito said...

That T-Mobile dance is AWESOME. You should check out Improv Everywhere, a NY group that does things like that in public spaces just for the fun of it. My favorite of theirs is this one http://improveverywhere.com/2003/05/17/circle-line-tours/

but they're famous for Frozen Grand Central: http://improveverywhere.com/2008/01/31/frozen-grand-central/


Light and Writing said...

These were so great! I'm glad you did it again! Will Smith IS such a nice guy, isn't he! I think it's great to be proud of being like your mom. I hope for the same!

Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas said...

That was one AWESOME video! It would have been even better if I had been at the train station -- surreal, no?