January 6, 2009

The Old Dark House

Ok, perhaps this is a bit of an exaggeration, but this is how I feel about my house. My house is so lacking in natural sunlight that I feel as though I am living in a tomb. Winter blues? I have it all year long, but, perhaps because it is winter and my little home is receiving even less sunlight, it is, at the moment, driving me to distraction. On both long sides of the house are two covered porches that line more than half of the side. Also there is a very large, sprawling shade tree right in the middle of the front yard. And, not only do I have year long winter blues but any plant that crosses the threshold will surely die. So....
I have been reading tips on maximising the light in your home and have got a few good tips. Full Spectrum light bulbs, mirrors, clean windows, light walls and upholstery...... And I am going to try these (all of these, I'm desperate!), but I was hoping that you, gentle reader would share some tips with me. Have you or do you live in a dark house? Please share your tips with me. I'm ready to bring springtime into this old dark house.

Btw, taking down the tree or porches is not an option.


Rachel Kovaciny said...

Well, I spent four years living like a vampire, so I could give you a few tips on how to block out sunlight, lol.

I will say that I have never lived in such a sun-drenched place as our current apt -- and everything but the floor is painted stark white. So that probably will help you a lot.

Tammy said...

I think the light colored paint will do wonders for your sun deprived home. You might consider a satin finish. It will be only a hair shinier than flat but it will reflect light and it is easy to clean. Light or light colored painted furniture and window treatments are important. If you truly do need some sun yourself you can rent those light machines to help with seasonal disorder. I have contemplated that as we live in a very gray winter area. Blah!
Philodendrons do not need much light at all. They grow like crazy for me no matter where I put them.
Good luck! Love to hear how it goes.

TheresaJ said...

I live in a mostly dark house. My bedroom get the best light though, so that is my saving grace, even though I don't spend much of my day there. I just try to keep the blinds drawn and curtains open all the time. I could use some suggestions as well.

Carolyne said...

I lived in a ground fllor apartment for a while an it felt like I was in a dungeon. I need my light, and I always have to have my curtaims opened!