March 22, 2009

Show and Tell Sunday

This is my new favortite website. I found it the other day while I was searching for a tutorial for making Waldorf inspired dolls. It has so much; how to make different types of slings, dolls, wooden toys, clothes, food!

I am scared to use any type of saw but I think that even I could make these.

I am on a mission to de-plastic my house, right down to (gasp!) the kids toys. Replacing them with with as much handmade as they can possibly stand. I hate plastic toys and like most idealistic new moms, wanted none of it for my kids. Then came birthdays and Christmas and quick trips to the $ stores and now we have plastic coming out the whazoo. Well, I'm not so new new anymore, but I think (or would like to think) that perhaps it's better I got that out of my system. I only wished I would have before we amassed so much junk. Now we are paring down and looking for quality and made with love, not to mention natural materials.

Now the hard part, convincing my girls to "trade in" their plastics......

Why go plastic free?
No More Junk Toys: Rethinking Children's Gifts
Toxic Toy Story
Life Without Plastic


sarasophia said...

I completely agree.
I would never ever have chosen to go the route of plastics but, with holidays and the TONS of family that we have---

we have ended up buried in plastic rubble.

I would love to do as you are but I don't know how I'd ever explain to my family....


<3 sarasophia

sarasophia said...

By the way, GREAT website!!

Just subscribed to their feed. Hopefully I will be making some little wool teddies and waldorf dollies soon:)

<3 sarasophia

myminimocs said...

Most Excellent Goal!!! love the site BTW :)