March 1, 2009

Show and Tell Sunday

Happy Sunday, everyone! This weekend I saw the documentary from Ricki Lake (yes, the talk show host) and director Abby Epstein, 'The Business of Being Born'. This was such a beautiful film, if you are expecting or have any interest in natural birth I highly recommend you watch it. It explores natural and homebirths and the devastating turns that are occuring in "traditional" hospital births. I talked about it a little more in depth on my Natural Family Living blog.

This films does show actual births and can get a little graphic, if this type of thing bothers you. To me it doesn't. I watched it with Kaiya, who is almost 4 and she loved watching the birth scenes. I think it is so important that our daughters see women birthing naturally and without fear as opposed to the way childbirth is typically depicted on mainstream television and movies.
Btw, I know you can tell where my head has been lately. You may not know this about me but natural childbirth and parenting is something I am quite passionate about. But, I promise we will get back to crafting next week.


ArcadianDreams said...

It's a lovely heartening thing to read on a grey Monday morning, that you are so passonate about natural childbirth and parenting! I have learned the hard way that it's tough to find open venues to talk about this in; it is a very touchy subject and a lot of women (who chose differently) get very angry at others who had such a wonderful experience, even though the women talking are not trying to judge them in any way. :(

I was lucky enough to be interviewed for a local radio station and give a talk at the midwives' clinic about home birthing... it was important to me to get the word out! :D

Rachel Kovaciny said...

Ricki Lake, huh? You know, I love her movie "Mrs. Winterbourne" to pieces... anyway, I'll see if the library has this, it sounds interesting.

Sandra - My Inspired Heart said...

i think its so great to share these things with our children...and if i were just beginning my family, with what i know now, my choices on childbirth and many other things would be drastically different....i think i could be very passionate about natural and home birth, just to name a few!

Leah said...

I watched this last week and I loved it. I had already planned on having a home birth when we have a baby but this just sealed the deal for me!

FruteJuce said...

I watched this with my daughter who had recently given birth. We had natural labours and it was wonderful and scary to see it.